Double The Offer!
Full price £39.98 + £5.99 P&P
The Secret is Sweep and Keep Technology!
Sweep and Keep technology uses triple action rotating brushes that dislodge the dirt, remove the rubbish, and keep it in the onboard dustpan!
No Matter What the Mess, Put Swifty Sweep to the TEST!
Picks up even the lightest weight debris!
Cat or dog make a mess of their food? No problem!
Kids are notoriously messy – Swifty Sweep can tackle any dry food mess!

Use Outdoors! Picks up leaves from the pool deck!
Stop Struggling With The Broom! Brooms just move dust and dirt around – pick everything up and keep it in the onboard dustpan!
Stop Struggling With The Vacuum! Vacuums are big and bulky – Swifty Sweep is lightweight and easy to use for quick messes!

Swifty Sweep Is The Hard Surface Cleaning Tool Every Home Needs!
Don’t Miss Out on Your New Favorite
Hard Surface Cleaner!
Double The Offer!
Full price £39.98 + £5.99 P&P